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When water flows into a home or building, it can cause a stunning amount of damage very fast to your Phoenix, Az home. Even minor leaks, like those from an appliance hose or a small broken pipe, can lead to rot and mold growth over time. The water & flood damage restoration services provided by Action 1 Restoration of Phoenix can ensure that a leak or flood is contained quickly and efficiently and that damage is repaired quickly and professionally.


Property Restoration for Commercial & Residential:

Action 1 Restoration of Phoenix is available for both commercial and residential disaster cleanups. One call starts the process with our local team in Phoenix. Below are some of the reasons to choose A1R of Phoenix.

  • On Site Promptly (Usually 60 minute response time)
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Free Estimates
  • 24 Hour Fast Response
  • Cleanup Services
  • Disinfection Services
  • Fully Licensed And Insured Professionals



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Water Damage Restoration

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Emergency Flood Services

While flooding is an obvious issue which can’t be ignored, everyday leaks can actually be more problematic. You will usually notice a large broken pipe quickly (and you should deal with it quickly), but a small leak in a pipe that’s hidden behind a wall can drip for years until the damage finally becomes apparent. Sometimes when a wall is opened it reveals a field of mold, mildew and rot which also leads to airborne bacteria – possibly one of the reasons your family has been sick so frequently.

Our local team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We partner with some of the best local contractors in order to provide immediate emergency assistance any time of the day or night. Once you call our local team, we can generally have a crew at your home with 1 hour from the time you call us. Our expert staff will not only be able to handle the problem, but also file your claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.


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Broken Pipe Water Disasters

One of the most common causes of water damage in a home or business is from a burst or broken pipe. A pipe can burst due to old age, rusting, misuse (not having a pressure regulator), or damage. Pipes can also burst from freezing weather conditions causing even bigger problems.

Whatever the cause of the problem is, these broken pipes will usually happen unexpectedly, leaving the homeowner or business to clean up the mess after. Most homeowners are not prepared for this type of home disaster, but knowing what to do can help you minimize additional damage.


Step 1. Turn Off The Main Water Source

Step 2. Locate The Broken Pipe

Step 3. Assess The Amount Of Water Damage

Step 4. Water Removal

Step 5. Dry out

Step 6. Repair & Restoration


Water Damage Cost in Phoenix

The cost of water damage in Phoenix Arizona may differ depending on different aspects such as the amount of the destruction, size of your property, price of repairs or replacement, amount of water that needs to be removed and if there is mold damage present. These are just a few aspects of the many which could impact the cost of a flood damage repair project. You are going to want to list all damaged property and capture all the particulars like:

  • How its damaged
  • When you purchased it
  • How much you paid for the items(s)
  • The serial number

These items should be itemized and sent to your insurance company with your claim paperwork. You ought to attach photographs and receipts if you have them of all damaged items.


Free Commercial & Residential Estimates

To get an idea on how our local experts provide estimates, you must understand about a few criteria that determines the quote. First of all, you need to recognize that the majority of water damage is related to freezing or burst water pipes. One factor is the height of the water level or the quantity of water which needs to be extracted. The one thing you’ll want to remember is that water can cause substantial damage not only to the roof and basement, but also to your ceilings, furniture, appliances, carpets, cabinets and walls. With a little crack in a pipe inside your residence, it can release over a hundred gallons of water inside twenty four hours. Imagine a water line bursting when you’re not home, it may very well be 100s of gallons within several hours. The larger volume of water that needs to be removed and dried out, will impact the cost of the estimate.