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A Company You Can Count on For Mold Removal

Do you suspect that your house is infested by mold? Are there hints that mold are growing at critical parts of your building? You might need to have your property inspected. For thorough inspection of your property for mold growth, enlist the help of the experts in Action 1 Restoration Arizona. We have experts that will evaluate all parts of your property for not only the presence of mold, but also conditions that promote their growth.

Equipment Needed

Action 1 Restoration of Arizona uses a wide range of equipment for our mold removal services. We use different formulas such as mold removers and disinfectants to clean up your property from the inside out. We also use sealants to prevent excess moisture from coming in, which facilitates the growth of mold. The tools & equipment used helps eliminate and prevent future growth.

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Our Process

Action 1 Restoration of Arizona uses a comprehensive mold remediation process to eradicate mold from your property. First, we do an inspection to assess the level of damage caused by mold. Second, we remove the mold and disinfect the area. Last but not least, we seal off sites where mold can grow. Our goal is to eliminate current mold and prevention of future growth.

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Experience Matters

Over the years, we have seen some jobs get screwed up because of lack of experience by the mold restoration company. Because of this, we believe that experience matters. Our mold remediation experts at Action 1 Restoration of Arizona not only receive the best training, but they also have years of experience in dealing with mold.

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Business & Home

If you are in need of mold remediation services, Action 1 Restoration of Arizona is the team to call. We cater to both commercial and residential properties, understanding the different demands for each of them. We have the right combination of people and equipment to complete this job the right way.

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Why Choose Action 1 Restoration of Arizona For Mold Remediation?

Mold Inspections - Why It's Recommended

It is recommended that a prior inspection is done before mold removal for multiple purposes. It is done to identify the type of mold growing in your property, determine the extent of damage it caused, come up with the best plan for removing the infestation and fixing the damage, and what they need to do to prevent the mold from coming back. We offer free estimates for our services, and we only list jobs that are essential for completing the job. We provide the best mold inspection services in the state, guaranteed.

Our Mold Remediation Process

Removal of mold must be done systematically for it to be successful. At Action 1 Restoration of Arizona, we follow a very specific process to remove mold from your property. This process has been proven for years to be effective, and can bring just about every kind of property back to its former glory.

First, we perform a thorough inspection of your property. This is done to determine the extent of damage caused by mold and think of possible ways to resolve it. We do a free estimate for our mold remediation services so you will have an idea how much everything will cost. We remove mold either conservatively (thru disinfection) or from the ground up (thru parts replacements). We then filter the air to remove mold particles suspended in the air. We also perform tasks to eliminate conditions that facilitate growth of mold such as sealing off leaks and removing excess humidity.

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Why Choose Us

Action 1 Restoration guarantees customer satisfaction through advanced mold removal methods and technology. We prioritize our clients’ health and safety, so we make sure to fully restore and thoroughly disinfect affected areas. The mold inspection and testing is usually not free, but we provide our customers with a free mold removal and remediation estimate.