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If you own a house in Flagstaff, you may think the percentages of experiencing significant damage from water are in your favor. Do not downplay the significant structural damage and property devastation which might be caused by water! Flood and sewage backup damage tend to be hazardous to the health of you and your family as they contain harmful germs and pollutants within the water. Fast extraction of water also gets the harmful bacteria and parasites that come with the water out of your home. It doesn’t actually require a lot of water to cause significant mayhem: Floors, carpets, and walls can suffer serious damage from less than one inch of standing water across your floor.

We know that our Flagstaff commercial and residential customers need fast acting specialists to remove and cleanup the flood, sewage or water as fast as possible.

Why Using Professionals To Handle Water Damage Makes Sense

There isn’t any more effective solution to minimize the overall impact of water damage than to call in experts who like Action 1 that are qualified to take care of it properly. A skilled group of clean up experts understand to look for items and areas that may need fixed assisting you to save on high-priced improvements down the road.

Clearing up puddles and sponging off wet floors does not even come close to resolving water damage comprehensively and safely. Water is extremely intrusive. It doesn’t have to hang around for too long to infiltrate the structural spaces of your house, seeping into subfloors and invading wall cavities. Our team of professionals will discover these types of pockets of hidden water and clean it up immediately before it can cause any additional damage to your home.

What You Can Do to Help Stop Secondary Damage:

  1. Stop The Water At The Source
  2. Find The Burst Pipe
  3. Assess The Amount Of Damage
  4. Water Removal
  5. Dryout the Remaining Water
  6. Repair & Restoration

Best Commercial And Residential Services:

Our repair service team is qualified to handle residential and commercial rebuilds after a natural disaster. We make every effort in your local area to work with the very best IICRC licensed contractors. The Action 1 Flagstaff team of professionals is a reliable local water damage company able to handle any size project 24 hours a day. Our 100% guarantee is that you’ll be 100 % pleased with every one of our services from the moment you call us until we have finished the cleanup and repairs to your house.

Some Of The Best Service Features We Offer:
  • Quick Response Times
  • Direct Billing To Your Insurance Carrier
  • Around The Clock Availability
  • Full Drying Services For Walls, Ceilings And Floors
  • Some of the best tools for water extraction and dryout
  • Sanitation And Cleaning After Sewer Backup
  • Full Disinfection And Sanitization
  • Mold Growth Prevention
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Why Choose The Action 1 Restoration of Flagstaff Team for Water Damage Repair!

Sewage Damage Restoration And Cleanup Services

A sewer back up problem in Flagstaff could cause you to need an emergency clean-up for your house or building. Acquiring a quick acting sewage clean up team to help you is essential to minimize additional damage from the sewage. When you have a sewage backup, because of the sewer damage, our team strives to be at your property within one hour from the time you call us. Sewer water is quite just like black waters from floods and can be extremely harmful and unsafe to your health. Not only does sewer water need to be removed, extracted and dried out, but it should also be cleaned and decontaminated to avoid any kind of medical problems. As an alternative to allowing the issue to linger, our team can move quickly to deal with the water infiltration as well as the subsequent damage to any residential or commercial property in Flagstaff Arizona.

Sewer complications usually happen from:
  • Backed up sewers
  • Overflowing faucets or toilets
  • Overflowing septic tanks

It is not a great idea to clean up sewage all on your own as a result of potential health hazards sewage damage consists of. Sewer water is a big harmful mix of fecal matter, urine, viruses, germs and other components which can be incredibly hazardous to your health. For example, e. coli is commonly found in sewage water and should only be dealt with by properly trained experts wearing appropriate safety clothing. This can be a large risk and should not be undertaken lightly as the sewer water needs to be cleaned, extracted and decontaminated. Cleaning up sewage when you have a cut on your arm, for instance, is an invitation to a week-long hospital stay while doctors flood your system with antibiotics.

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