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Why Choose A1R of Mesa To Help With Water Damage Restoration?

Whether you live in Mesa, AZ or any surrounding city, flooding or a burst pipe can cause massive amounts of damage to your home or building. Even a tiny leak can have big consequences in the form of mold growth or long term water damage. Action 1 Restoration of Mesa is a skilled water damage Mesa AZ company, and is committed to ensuring any leak or flood is quickly contained and any damage caused is swiftly repaired. Our goal is to arrive at your property within 60 minutes from the time you call us to help reduce any additional damages from the broken pipe or appliance malfunction.

Commercial And Residential Restoration:

Action 1 Restoration of Mesa provides restoration services for both commercial and residential properties. It only takes one call to get the process started. Since we partner with some of the best local contractors in Mesa, AZ, we demand faster response times from our partners getting you results faster. Below are some great reasons to go with the A1R of Mesa team.
  1. Prompt arrival time (On average within 60 minutes)
  2. Insurance billing
  3. Completely free estimates
  4. 24 hour quick response
  5. Cleanup services
  6. Disinfection services
  7. Professionals services

Emergency Flood Services

When a broken pipe or flood happens in your home, the results tend to be noticed quite quickly. However, tiny leaks can actually be far more damaging than a massive flood. If a pipe is broken or rainwater is flooding into the basement, it doesn’t take a lot to notice it. Meanwhile, a small leak can be from a hidden pipe or tiny crack in the wall, and can drip for years before anyone notices it’s a problem. There are times when a wall is opened for one reason or another, only to reveal an entire ecosystem of mildew, mold, and rot. This can also cause airborne bacteria, which might explain why your family has gotten sick so often.

Our team is local, and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We work alongside some of the top local contractors so that we can provide emergency assistance at any time of the night or day. One call to our team, and we can get a crew out to your home within an hour. Our professional staff not only knows how to handle whatever damage you have, but help you with your homeowner’s insurance filing.

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Why Call A1R of Mesa, AZ for Water Damage & Flood Damage!

Broken Pipe Water Disasters

Perhaps the most common source of water damage is from a broken or burst pipe. Pipes can burst for a number of reasons, including rusting, old age, damage, or simple misuse. It’s also possible for pipes to burst due to freezing weather conditions, which can cause even more problems.

No matter the cause, a burst pipe is generally an unexpected situation. This can leave the building owner or manager with a huge mess to clean up quite suddenly. Few homeowners are truly prepared for this sort of emergency. Some of our very first steps to help minimize and reduce secondary or additional damage to your home:

  1. Turn Off Water Main
  2. Find The Source Of The Water
  3. Assess The Extent Of The Damage
  4. Remove Water
  5. Dry Things Out
  6. Restore And Repair

Cost Of Water Damage In Mesa

The cost of water damage, whether in Mesa Arizona or elsewhere, may differ depending on a number of damage restoration factors. These factors can include the amount of damage, property size, price of replacement parts, amount of water, and whether or not there’s any mold damage. While those are the main factors, they’re not the only factors which could impact the overall cost. You’re going to want to ensure you have a list of all property that’s been damaged, as well as specifics such as:

  • In what way is it damaged?
  • When was it purchased?
  • Monetary value of the property
  • The serial number on the property in question

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